digg Submission killer

There are often submissions that appear on digg with words like "Amazing" in the title. Unfortunately, more often than not these submissions tend not to be as "Amazing" as the submitter thought. This is where the digg submission killer script comes in. A sample is displayed showing the script in action.

If you know what GreaseMonkey is and are ready to go then click on the link below, otherwise read on.

Install now

Before using this script, you will need the Greasemonkey extension installed. Once you are done there then come back here and install this script.

Modifying the script

You are free to modify this script to your hearts content. In fact if you want to add new keywords then you will have to edit this script to do so. I figured the average digger that was worried enough to get rid of the Amazing submissions would also be adept enough to edit the script.

There are two areas you would most likely want to edit. To add new keywords you search for //Add new keywords here and simply add your new keywords in the line below. A sample (//keywords[n] = "your keyword";) has been left in place for you to modify and you only have to take care to keep the numbering in the same order as the script currently has it.

If you don't want to even know if an Amazing submission was deleted, then search for //Delete the following line and - rather surprisingly - delete the line after that. You are done!

Version history

1.02006/12/01Initial version.