Generating Keys

To be able to decrypt your emails, you will need a private key. For other people to be able to send you encrypted emails, they will need your public key.

To get your keys, you will need two random, prime numbers. This script does not attempt to determine if the numbers you feed in are prime numbers or not. Please make sure you check that the numbers are prime before generating the keys. Pick some from this list if you're not sure.

If you want to add some more randomness to your keys, then you can insert an alternate starting value for E. If you start with very large numbers then the system could grind to a halt. The aim here is to get a relatively small value for D. The smaller the D value, the quicker the decryption process will run.

Input values
Enter first prime number (test)
Enter second prime number (test)
Starting E value (optional)

Public key
This value can be displayed on your website, openly emailed, etc.
Public Key
Component N
Component E
Private key
This number should be kept in a safe spot. Do not give it to others.
Private Key
Component N
Component D