Google Search Ratings

Know about Greasemonkey and simply want to install the script? Go ahead, otherwise read below for more background.

Have you ever searched for something on Google and come across a totally useless site? Not unusual, but if you are searching for something similar a few weeks later and you click on the same site again only to realise "Oh no. Not that useless site again!"

Well, with gsearchrate.user.js you can solve that problem. This is a Greasemonkey script which you can use to "rate" each site with a positive or negative value. Future searches will display that "rating" next to the website each time it comes up.

When you search on Google each search result will have a rating adjustments section attached to it like this: [+][-].

Here is an example from a search:

Once you have "rated" a site then it will contain a [1] if you rated it positively or a [-1] if you rated it negatively. It is possible to give a site a higher or lower rating than 1. (Future versions might completely eliminate results if they fall below a certain negative rating.) The rated site would look like this:

In keeping with the minimalist Google UI all the items are simple text values. No graphics to slow you down.

If you would like to use this script then you need to use the Firefox browser and you need the Greasemonkey extension installed. Once that is all done then you can right-click on the script and install it from there.

Because Greasemonkey stores the values in your prefs.js file there are limitations to the number of ratings you could save. In tests they found that around 100 000 caused the browser to crash and lower values started to cause some performance problems. To avoid this I would suggest that you only rate positively or negatively with the negative only approach probably being the most economical.

You can look at the Mozilla website to see how to find your prefs.js file and remove values from it. Remember to exit the browser before editing this file otherwise your changes will be overwritten when the browser exits.

Comments? Suggestions? Improvements? Tell me about them at gsearch at

Version history

0.3.12006-11-15DOM Layout changed again.
0.3.02006-02-25Moved search ratings into their own span tag to minimise problems with other scripts
0.2.22005-10-27Script updated for the new new DOM layout in the search results.
0.2.22005-10-27Script updated for the new DOM layout in the search results. Fixed bug on PDF links. changed size of ratings signs.
Negative fading hasn't been reimplimented and search history page is also still borked.
0.2.12005-05-26Negatively rated searches are now grayed out to make it clearer that they should be ignored.
0.22005-05-26The Search History page can now also be used to adjust and view ratings.
0.1.12005-05-23Page auto refreshes to show rating effect immediately.
0.12005-05-20Original version