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Coding projects


This is still in progress and I have not completed the htmlification of the Python source code. This program aims to simulate traffic flows in a large city on a micro scale. I.e. Individual roads and cars are modelled and then their interaction is monitored.

Android weather with Tasker

Use this Python script to update a weather icon on your Android phone using the very versatile Tasker program.

digg Submission killer

Use this Greasemonkey script to remove "Amazing" submissions from digg.

Gmail Encryptor (2006/03/19)

Use this Greasemonkey script to encrypt your emails sent via Gmail.

Encrypt This!

This Firefox extension builds on the gmailencrypt script and allows encryption from any site with a simple right click. Visit Encrypt This! for all the details.

Google Search Rater (Updated 2005/10/28)

Use this Greasemonkey script to rate your Google searches and remember which sites were useful and which were not.

Bookmarker (Updated 2005/05/24)

I prefer to keep my regular bookmarks in a webpage set up as my homepage. Then I can simply click on each link instead of using drop down menus to access my regular visits. See bookmarker for more details. This has now been updated with a Greasemonkey script to count the clicks.

Slashdot comment collapse (Updated 2005/10/14)

I improved on an existing Greasemonkey script to add collapse buttons on the bottom of each comment. Install from here.